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High Purity Plastic Tube Welding
High-Purity Stainless Steel Orbital Welding
High-Purity Stainless Steel Orbital Welding
Orbital welding was first introduced in the late 1960’s as a superior joining technique for aerospace hydraulic and fuel systems on commercial aircraft. In the 1970’s orbital welding began to be used for pharmaceutical water systems as a way to eliminate contamination in areas where water may be retained and possibly grow bacteria.

Orbital Welding is loosely defined as where the weld arc travels at least 360 degrees around the piece of work without interruption.

Orbital welding is primarily used whenever the quality of the weld joint has the highest priority, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. One must purge stainless steel pipe when using the orbital welder, thus creating a smooth, uniform weld on the inside as well as the outside, obtaining (full penetration) of the weld. Key advantages of the orbital welding are:
Extremely repeatable welds
Eliminates defects (porosity and cracking)
Smooth and even tube bore
Highest quality weld, inside and outside of pipe
Smaller heat affected areas

Hand welding of process piping is still widely accepted in the food and dairy industries. But in some cases, orbital welding can be a more cost efficient way to get high quality welds with consistent results each and every time.

Kenco Services has technicians with extensive experience in both hand welding and computerized orbital welding. Give us a call and let us show you the difference we can make.

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