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High Purity Plastic Tube Welding
High-Purity Stainless Steel Orbital Welding
High Purity Plastic Tube Welding

The installation of high purity plastic piping systems has been made easier with the introduction of the Sani-Tech, S.I.B. (Smooth Inner Bore) fusion welding tool.

The S.I.B. technology creates a smooth interion surface at the welded joint, eliminating all beads, crevices and intrusions into the product stream. Because of the smooth interior surface, the collection of bacteria and contaminants at the weld are greatly reduced.

The tubings and fittings are manufactured with polypropylene and KYNAR, PVDF, a performance proven material that meets and exceeds FDA, and USP Standards and regulations. Thermoplastic materials have been shown to be less susceptible to bio-film growth than stainless steel, which exhibits a much higher rate of (ion) contamination.

Thermoplastic systems require no boro-scoping, passivation, or de-roughing. S.I.B. systems also eliminate the need for routine shut downs and sanitization cycles.

Here at Kenco Services, we have the equipment and expertise to help solve unique application and process problems.

We specialize in the fabrication and installation of piping systems for the Food, Dairy, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industries with several types of metals, but we have the equipment and expertise to work with plastic process piping as well.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the new method of high-purity tube welding and also introduce Kenco Services as professionals for any needs you may have with any and all process piping applications.

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